Live the experience with Paco

To suggest that Paco has thus far led an interesting and colorful life is an understatement. After a 37-year Real Estate Career as a CEO, at age 64 he changed direction completely, to pursue a lifelong dream of singing, acting and entertaining. In sharing his dreams with others, his goal is to simply help them find more joy, peace and meaning in their own lives through music and the visual arts.

To date Paco has recorded well over 140 songs and released seven full-length Albums, including his newest CD “Captivated” which is a collection of Paco originals and special collaborations with other artists. Paco has trained and studied professionally to refine his voice, Dance, acting and modeling talents and recently enjoyed
acting in his first TV and independent film productions, in addition to commercial ads and voice-over stints.

Paco is affiliated with both Bristol Recording Studios in Boston, where he produces his music and with Open Call Model & Talent also in Boston, in pursuing his acting and modeling career. He is also signedwith West Coast agents in Hawaii and LA and regularly travels to LA. His music is released through AirPlayDirect out of Nashville, where it plays on conventional and internet radio stations throughout America and around the world, with many of his songs making it onto “the charts”.


“My goal is simply to help others find a bit more joy and peace
in their lives through the incredible medium of music.”