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Welcome to “The World of Paco”…! This special world was created to help introduce you to Paco, a wonderfully multi-talented entertainer. Take just a few minutes to look around and get to know him, as it will be well worth your while. From his singing, to acting, to modeling, he is not only an amazing artist but also a down-to-earth husband, father and grand-father as well. The World of Paco will allow you to instantly touch his music, photos and videos; as well as introducing you to a variety of intriguing and humorous stories of his real life experiences and why he is convinced that life for each of us is an incredible blessing to be savored. Thus…please do enjoy your visit to this special world, the “World of Paco” and don’t forget to sign up for periodic newsletter updates, along with your continued link to his escapades and “all things Paco”.