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My mother was a fantastic musician. Trained at Boston’s Longy School of Music, she was a dynamic cellist and concert quality pianist. In her early years prior to marriage she toured the old majestic New England Hotel circuit with two other women in a piano/string trio, playing dinner and dance music for the guests. I grew up in a big old house in Wollaston Massachusetts with a truly beautiful baby grand piano right there in the living room, which she played all the time, practicing for local stock productions, giving piano lessons and getting ready for Sunday church services…as she was now an organist and choir director in her married life. Do you think for one moment that as an only child I had the intelligence to tap into that glorious resource right there at home and learn to play the piano…no of course not…I just focused on the inevitable sports and later on members of the opposite sex. What an idiot…and I have been kicking myself ever since!

However, she and my Dad did get me to start singing. In our family there was no choice, we all sang in the church choirs and took part in the local stock plays my mom also produced and directed. It gave me a love for music, for singing and for entertaining that have now become my sole work focus in my later years. I mean there I am at the age of twelve on stage, in a pair of black tights and a red cape singing my heart out with a solo from Camelot. The audience goes wild clapping and there it is…I am totally hooked for life…the ability to touch other people in a positive way through music…it’s as simple as that. Thanks Mom & dad!

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