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Frank Stewart, now known to family, friends and fans simply as “Paco” has been a professional singer, actor and entertainer for just over five years. After 37 years as CEO/Chairman of the Board of Northland Residential Corporation, a highly successful New England “green building” residential community development firm, he retired to finally pursue his heart’s desire as a full-time singer, songwriter, actor and overall entertainer.

The seeds for his love of singing and acting were originally planted by his mother Priscilla, who graduated from Boston’s Longy School as a classical concert pianist and Cellist. She played the old New England summer hotel circuit and later was organist, choir director and “local musical stock” show-producer…where his entire family including little Frankie was involved, like it or not. As with many professional singers his musical roots were thus formed singing first in church.

His initial music-related studies were at Bristol Recording Studios in Boston where he has honed his craft as a singer. At Bristol Paco has worked diligently over the past five years in artist development, performance dance, and in writing and recording a handful of original songs; and in producing and releasing four major CD Albums thus far. He has already recorded well over 125 songs at Bristol and his newest Album “For Always” (19 songs) was just released on January 12, 2015, commensurate with his new website “The World of Paco” going live. His performance repertoire of over 175 songs include classic and contemporary faith-based music, “Oldies”, Christmas standards, pop inspirational and “Andrew Lloyd Webber” Broadway songs and of course his own originals. His newest “For Always” Album features songs all about the many aspects of “Love” and he was delighted to add for the first time two duets each with renowned sopranos Lauren O’Keefe and Michelle Hylan. He has just started work on his 6th Album, which will primarily be dedicated to his own original songs and including special collaborations of original songs written by others.

More recently he auditioned and was signed at John Robert Powers Talent Agency (JRP), also in Boston, where he actively pursues TV, radio and theater acting, stage musicals, commercials, and voice-overs; and he has already acted in a History Channel docu-drama and appeared in TV, print and radio commercials. He recently signed with MMG Talent Agency in New York City and he also is currently under contract with AirPlayDirect and Collective Evolution in Nashville, TN., to place his music on global radio and to build this current new “Media Deck” (website) showcasing all of his music and acting interests. In fact, his 42-song 50’s, 60’s & 70’s “Oldies” Album was released to global radio this past February over AirPlayDirect and went all the way to # 1 on the APD Rock Charts, soaring even past Paul McCartney’s Wings Album. He spent an unbelievable week in Nashville with APD undertaking extensive photo shoots for his new Media Deck/website, meeting with executives in the music industry, and having a blast meeting and kibitzing with APD’s stable of Emmy winning Nashville-based artists and entertainers such as multi-Emmy winner Carl Jackson who routinely performs with Dolly Parton.

Paco greatly looks forward to continuing his endeavors at AirPlayDirect, Collective Evolution, JRP and at Bristol with gusto, having no idea where it will eventually take him, and having no expectations of fame and fortune, other than to simply have fun and try to stay young in heart and soul as a “senior-aged” artist and performer. When asked what his motivating force was to start singing, acting and entertaining, instead of just lying back and basking in a slow, easy-going life of retirement he said this: “Over the years I’ve seen too many folks retire, do relatively little and go down-hill health-wise faster than they had expected.” “I’ve seen many others start new careers, get otherwise involved in helping others and stay young at heart in the process.” “I therefore chose the second alternative hands-down.” “My primary motivators unlike many younger artists are not to just seek fame and fortune.” I simply wish to give back to life itself, by using my singing and acting to try to touch others emotionally, and in the process to attempt to make them feel good about themselves.” If I can make someone cry, or to feel their inner soul in a positive way, helping them to appreciate and be able to count their many life blessings, I will have been successful.” “As an added motivator, if I can somehow challenge them to energize their own talents and act on their own dreams I will personally feel fulfilled; as in…hey, if that old dude (Paco) can do that, why can’t I do it?” “The answer is…I am doing it and so can you!”